About lebikes

From bathroom to workshop

Feb  2017 - New workshop on same adress

MAR 2016 - New mothership fleet car

oct 2015 - metal coatings introduced

LeBikes present first bicycle with custom nickel plating .

mar 2014 - calendar

LeBikes started new graphical campaign which would be nice to have for up coming year as calendar. This calendar will be showing our friends or us as we are doing are daily business.

feb 2014 - Video commercial

LeBikes Eska Premiere from LeVideo's channel on Vimeo.

jan 2014 - happyfeet records collaboration

I've carried out collaboration with a beautiful and very high quality vinyl shop in lucerna. Where we have together a display. I have always some bicycle frame, Happyfeet lady has her vinyl and designs over there.. 


DEC 2013 - PF2014


NOV 2013 - X-mass collection

With upcoming x-mas 2013 I decided, to create six bicycles of different shapes and sizes for people to give as a presents.


OCT 2013 - comics frame 

Stock steel frame was used for a experiment of graffiti.

Frame Artwork from LeVideo's channel on Vimeo.

may 2013 - Korso krymska


may 2013 - brooks entry

I started carying out for you customers Brooks saddles made in england. These fine top of the line saddles are made from a scratch in England from leather grown in EU tanneries. 


feb 2013 - New factory

Business was moved from my former fulltime office job as acoustic consultant into bigger, better and stronger factory forstress of magnificent 300m² space.


nov 2012 - 'Espace' second workshop

Within an old abandoned office floor i've got myself a nice 100m² of business space for a workshop and occasional living. It worked for about 4 months


Oct 2012 - promo clip

Razitko LeBikes from LeVideo's channel on Vimeo.

September 2012 - Mu Koncept Collaboration

Girls from Koncept Mu invited me to collaborate with them and their guests on designing and building a bike. Bike was designed together with three mexican artists Karina, Maya and Lilli. Bike has a grey background acrilic paint featuring pastel colours of several shades. Salvaged condition of the bike was very bad, but during time the owner who got it went for partial exchanges where gears where added, spokes exchanged, tyres fitted and today (spring 2015) the bike is a very comfortable commuter. Original production date of frame is around 1955 in former Czechoslovakia.


may 2012 - The web domain registered

At this time i was using only a flickr album for having my online catalogue, it took almost a whole season to build a web. Not that it couldn't be done faster, but i didn't felt that it would have that much of a future to build a proper website. Also in may I painted my first frame for a girl who is now reporter at Russia Today in NYC.

feb 2012 - First workshop


I managed to mount a small shop along with my fulltime job without harming my oficial duties.

nov 2011 - Business beginnings

Using only a can of paint and brush, the aorically first refurbished bicycle was produced. In comfort of a living room we took everything apart and for about 1 month of dirty work we were cleaning adjusting and trying to put the bike back together.