what is the price range?

what you want it to be .. really

Price range strongly depends on your wishes, but generally it 15000 - 25000CZK for fully restored bicycle from scratch 5000 - 10000 CZK for refurbished bikes in working condition. Not always is the full restoration preferable. I take in mind your needs and historical value of the machine. So your money is invested the most efficient way.

How vintage does my bike have to be?

LeBikes is as vintage as you want it to be

My mission is to produce period correct restored bicycles or fully customized new machines. I'm working with accent on modern technologies as well as classic style.  I always offer both original classic and modern solution. You can bring in your bicycle to be refitted or choose one from my stock

Who aM i?

My academic background is in acoustics, radio engineering, heavy industry and music. I worked in many fields before I found my true love for bicycles at the same time I'm trying to keep up in photography and sound engineering which sometimes covers up my bills when the bike season is at its low. I always admired artisan work of our predecesors namely what they did with products of everyday use. I project this onto my daily work process.

2016 bikes of choice

during 5 years of existence were produced 350+ bikes